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Become a British Canoeing Endorsed Guide

British Canoeing recently announced the NEW Leadership Awards which aim to create more opportunities for people to paddle by increasing the number of qualified leaders. The new awards will be available from January 2021.

The Guide Endorsement is aimed at British Canoeing Leaders to support and recognise the additional skills required when fulfilling a guiding role. The endorsement will not change in January 2021. 

The ethos of the scheme is to support, share and recognise the leaders guiding development. The cadre of Guides and aspirant Guides will be a supportive network of leaders, sharing best practice and like-minded ideas, in order to aid their learning and support paddlers on their journeys. The main purpose is that it is a healthy and supportive learning experience for all involved, whether it is the mentor, aspirant Guide or more importantly, the clients.

During this phase of social distancing is a great time to start your Guide Endorsement application, gathering your evidence and starting your journey to become a British Canoeing Guide. 


British Canoeing Official Guide

The benefits of becoming a British Canoeing Guide are

  • Promotion through a specific page on the British Canoeing website;
  • Use of the British Canoeing Guide logo;
  • Formal recognition;
  • Access to additional guide training and sharing run by fellow experts in the field of guiding;
  • A forum for endorsed guides to share good practice, guiding issues, trends and CPD opportunities;
  • Increase in employment potential both in the UK and International.

Entry Requirements

Further details of the entry requirements can be found on the Guide section of the British Canoeing website.

Guide Modules

British Canoeing provide a selection of Guide Modules that are open to all British Canoeing and National Association members wanting to gain knowledge and develop in specific areas of interest. During this period of social distancing, some of the Guide Modules are taking place online. Each Guide Module will be recognised as CPD (1 module = 18 months CPD)

British Canoeing Guide Modules: 

  • Camp Craft and Expedition Skills
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Trip Planning and Organisation

Full details of the British Canoeing Guide Scheme can be found on the Guide section of the British Canoeing website.