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5 Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy When You're Off the Water

Life can be pretty frustrating when you’re a paddler who can’t paddle. Luckily we’re here with some top tips to keep you happy and healthy until you can get back on the water.

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1. Stay connected

One of the great things about paddling is the other people you meet. Your paddling pals might be a big part of your life or just people you spend time with on the water. Either way be sure to stay in touch even when you’re not in the boat. Whether it’s dropping someone a message or call or a whole club Zoom chat or online pub quiz. It’s amazing what a little contact can do to raise the spirits and you never know who else might need it too. We know not everyone is sure how to get started with video calls but the BBC have produced this great guide to get you face to face with all your friends. 

2. Keep mentally and physically active

Being mentally and physically active will keep you ready primed and ready for getting back on the water. The British Canoeing Awarding Body Digital Library is packed full of amazing resources for you to browse. With everything from podcasts to articles on nutrition for paddlers and scholarly articles, you are sure to find something which sparks your brain. Just because you can’t paddle it doesn’t mean you can’t keep paddle fit. Whether you want a cardio workout, some strength training or to build endurance, there are thousands of ideas just a Google search away. Whatever you choose, don't forget to enjoy that post-exercise high!

3. Give yourself structure

If paddling usually takes up a big part of your day it can be very helpful to ensure you keep the routine it creates. Build a mental plan of how you will spend that time. Whether you’re an early morning paddler or prefer an evening session keep that block of time for activity. If you’re really missing paddling you can get with the cool gang and come up with some innovative ideas to get your water kick. Recently we’ve seen backyard rolling competitions and people just sitting in their craft having buckets of water thrown at them - whatever floats your boat!

4. Take some time out

It can be very easy to feel pressure to always be doing something but it’s ok to stop and take a break too! Whether it’s time spent sitting in the sun reading or on the sofa checking out the 45 Best Paddling Films. If you’re finding you feel stressed, now is a great chance to learn some mindfulness and meditation techniques. This article will talk you through some basic techniques for mindfulness and meditation.

5. Plan something to look forward to

Nothing is permanent, you will be back on the water in time. What can you do now to give yourself something to look forward to? Is it booking on to a course to learn new skills, choosing a challenge to train towards or researching a new boat which will definitely make you faster?! Our favourite planning activity is to get a map and plan an adventure somewhere new. If you're planning a paddle in the UK then head to the Paddlepoints website for thousands of launch points and routes and great waterway information. Where do you want to go?
Something great to chat to about on that next video call with your fellow paddlers!

We hope these ideas help to keep you healthy and happy until you’re back on the water. See you out there soon!