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Update: Round 2 of the junior crew boat selection process cancelled

Due to adverse weather conditions, the junior crew boat trials due to take place on the 9/10 March have been cancelled. The next available date for crew boat trials is the 13 and 14 April (originally named Round 3).

The Junior crew boat Round 1 singles trials which took place on the 2 March provided a group of athletes who were invited to the 2nd round for crewboat trials. This invitation will remain in place for the crewboat trials date in April.

The junior crew boat process originally set out that K1 performances from the March regatta would be used to assess whether any additional invitations to the 13/14 April weekend should be given, which is still the case. Results from all singles selection races will be considered.

Crew boat racing at the March regatta:

There will not be any NTS entries for the March regatta as no assessments have yet been made. Any crew boat entries should be made by clubs.