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England Talent Parent Programme Launched!

Competitive sport isn’t a zero sum game. Participation at every level presents a host of opportunities and challenges that can have a significantly positive impact on aspiring athletes in the long term, regardless of what level of the sport they eventually achieve. 

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Success is a journey not a destination. Participation in competitive sport is not always easy; progression is difficult and places demands on developing athletes and their families. 

To support parents and carers with children that are competitive young paddlers, the England Talent Programme have created the England Talent Parent Programme to support the development of athletes and their parents within our pathway. The content is highly useful and applicable to any parents and carers of young paddlers looking to develop their performance.

The Programme includes a series of webinars plus additional resources on a variety of important topics such as nutrition, planning, and psychology. New content will be released from November 2019.

Given the key role that parents play in informing and impacting athlete development, the England Talent Programme felt that it was really important to provide support for the parents of our Talent Programme athletes. This programme engages and supports parents in the sometimes difficult and often underappreciated role they play in the development of our Talent athletes.

– Richard Ramsdale, Head of Talent

"The Talent Parent Programme has been developed with the input of our athletes, our parents, our coaches, academic research and sporting sector experts. The programme and the support within is in my belief a world leading resource and consists of a curriculum delivered by webinar workshops, useful links and videos, signposting documents as well as a series of presentations from parents of current or ex-athletes." Richard Ramsdale, Head of Talent