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Pirates of the Canals IV: On Scottish Tides

TeamAA otherwise known as Addi and Athina are no strangers to great adventure, having previously undertaken massive paddles together – canoeing the Leeds-Liverpool canal and rafting 65km of the Lancaster canal. After their canal adventure last year was scuppered by drought, they’re back this summer in a blockbuster canoe they made themselves in just four weekends!

Addi Mann Scotland Adventure 2019

Mum Addi was one of British Canoeing’s first female paddling ambassadors, and this year she, daughter Athina, and pup Shadow are spending ten days paddling and sleeping under the stars.

“We’re back for the fourth adventure in our paddling sequence,” explains Addi. “Living on the water for 10 days, seeing it in all its abundance and beauty and for the great pleasure it can bring to so many.

"The elements will test the strength of our character, including the Scottish summer weather, headwinds, ticks and midges.”

On 20th August Team AA will be seeing off in a home-made canoe which they built from scrap wood under the instruction of a boat building expert, to paddle 120 miles of the Great Glen Way, the waterways between Inverness and Fort William – and back! 

As well as sharing their journey updates on social media, the mum-and-daughter team will also be sharing science information along the way; a collaboration with the University of Leeds ([email protected] network), where experts will be answering questions including what invasive species in our waterways look like and what we can all do to help prevent their spread.

“Every night, our intrepid team - my 11-year-old daughter, me and our tiny dog, Little Miss Shadow – will sleep in hammocks strung between trees on the waterside. We will carry all our provisions including enough food to last the whole journey and on a windy day an umbrella will serve as sail to help propel us forward”, she added. “While this is an incredible adventure for us, we feel it's an opportunity to raise some funds for a charity close to our hearts – Water Aid.”

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