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May Catch Up with Coaching

In this edition, we are pleased to share the keynotes for the 2019 Coaching & Leadership Conference, a video giving you an insight into the NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training, as well as the newly established British Canoeing Awarding Body Technical Groups. 

  • 2019 Coaching and Leadership Conference: Keynote Announcements - British Canoeing is pleased to welcome Sophia Jowett, Marianne Davies and Steve Mac who will deliver the keynotes taking place at the 2019 Coaching & Leadership Conference on the 23rd and 24th November 2019 at Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire. 
  • British Canoeing Awarding Body Technical Groups - British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to announce the membership of the Technical Groups, following an open recruitment process in January 2019. There were over 140 strong applications from the paddling community. In the next few months, the Technical Groups will be busy supporting the Coaching Department develop learning and development resources in their relevant discipline.  
  • Watch: Stadium Safety & Rescue Training - The NEW training is designed for individuals wanting to provide safety cover at an artificial, white water course. 
  • Go Paddling Week 2019If you paddle, or are coaching during Go Paddling Week 2019, there are two things to remember:
    1. Before the week, register your events at
    2. During the week, let us know how many people you take on the water! We want to build a picture of how many people are paddling, but we need your help to do it. The aim is to get 10,000 people paddling during the week. 

Don't forget...

Leaders, Raft Guides and Bell Boat Helms can deliver some of the NEW Personal Personal Awards? All aspirant Providers will need to complete the Provider eLearning. The eLearning provides 3 years' CPD, the British Canoeing Assessor training and access to a range of logos to use for your marketing and promotion. Click here to start your eLearning today!

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