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January Catch Up With Coaching

Happy New Year! We are delighted to bring you the first edition of Catch Up with Coaching for 2019! This months edition includes the launch of the NEW Personal Performance Awards and Paddlesport Instructor, the latest NEW free eLearning and the updated My Pathway. British Canoeing is pleased to share the link with the Scouts paddlesport activity and our qualifications and awards.

Don't forget...

The NEW Personal Performance Awards have now launched! Did you know Leaders, Instructors, Coaches, Raft Guides and Bell Boat Helms can deliver some of the NEW Personal Personal Awards? All aspirant Providers will need to complete the Provider eLearning. The eLearning provides 3 years' CPD, the British Canoeing Assessor training and access to a range of logos to use for your marketing and promotion. Click here to start your eLearning today!