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International Coaching and Leadership Working Group Announced

British Canoeing is pleased to announce the International Coaching and Leadership Working Group, following an open recruitment process in June 2019. 

With a number of broad ranging applications and varying experiences, British Canoeing are pleased to be able to select a diverse group of individuals to represent the international paddling community, to help inform and shape emerging projects. 

The International Coaching and Leadership Group members are -

  • Alejandro Garibay, Mexico
  • Bob Timms, France
  • Darren Clarkson King, Asia
  • Gordon Brown, Canada
  • John Handyside, UK
  • John Ozard, America
  • Ronny Riise, Norway
  • Tatiana Cappucci, Italy

For further information about British Canoeing International, please view the British Canoeing International section of the website.