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Floating Pennywort Removal Day on the Calder and Hebble Canal

Today, on the 4th Day of Invasive Non Native Species Week, a group of British Canoeing members, along with members of our Places to Paddle Team worked with the The Canal and River Trust to clear a section of canal from the highly invasive plant species known as Floating Pennywort. The section of canal targeted today is the Calder and Hebble Canal around Saville Town Wharf Marina.

Floating Pennywort, especially on still or slow moving water such as a canal system, can grow up to 20cm per day and quickly dominate a waterbody forming thick mats and can impede water flow, resulting in a reduction in places people can enjoy water based recreation, including paddlesports. The plant may out-compete native species by blocking out light, which can cause deoxygenation to the water that may kill invertebrates and fish.

British Canoeing is keen to keep working with organisations such as the The Canal and River Trust in the future to help identify the key areas invasive species exist around England, as well as work strategically in the removal of these problematic plants and animals which have such a devastating impact on our natural environment.