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Certification of the NEW Personal Performance Awards

The certification process for the NEW Personal Performance Awards has designed and developed to create a straight forward, effective and efficient process for both paddlers and providers.

  • Online payments
  • Bulk upload facility for both Paddle Awards - Start and Discover.
  • Candidate receives their certification within minutes of uploading
  • Ability to share over social media sites
  • Removes the need for filling in and posting paperwork
  • Teachers, Clubs and Centres can choose to receive the certificates for group presentations

To submit your Paddle Start and Paddle Discover candidates, visit:

To submit the Paddle Explore and Personal Performance Awards, log into your Membership Portal.

Watch the Guidance videos below for a step by step guide of how to certificate paddlers with their Personal Performance Award.

Paddle Start Certification

Paddle Discover Certification

Paddle Explore and the Personal Performance Awards

Please note, SCA and Canoe Wales Providers will need to log in to their National Association membership portal to submit the Explore and Discipline Specific Awards. For CANI Providers, please contact for the certification process for the Explore and Discipline Specific Awards. 

If you have any problems, please contact your National Association.

Interested in becoming a Provider of the awards?

Every Instructor, Coach, Leader, Raft Guide and Bell Boat Helm will be able to deliver the NEW Personal Performance Awards, providing greater access for the paddling community. 

All Providers will need to complete the Provider eLearning package before delivering the Personal Performance Awards. This online package can be accessed in your own time, reducing the need for travel, making this a more cost effective route for all Providers. The eLearning takes approximately an hour to complete. 

Find out more here or start your Provider eLearning today!