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World Environment Day: Environmental Awareness eLearning

In celebration of World Environment Day, check out our next eLearning activity exploring 'An Introduction to Environmental Awareness'! 

British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to share this FREE eLearning activity, aimed at all paddlers, giving you a wealth of information about problems affecting the environment and what you can do, as a paddler, to help. 

The activity consists of 3 key sections, each with a game at the end to challenge yourself!

  1. Potential Threats - Memory game
  2. Invasive Species - Invaders Game
  3. Plastic Patrol - River Game
Click here to access the 'Introduction to Environmental Awareness' eLearning.

This eLearning is free and open to anyone interested in the environment! So join in with World Environment Day and find out more!

All of our eLearning can be found on the British Canoeing Awarding Body website, in the Paddler Zone. This also has all of our eLearning packages, which includes the Paddlesport Instructor, Developing Your Coaching Craft, Leadership and Buoyage to name a few!

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