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UK Coaching: Applied Coaching Research Journal

Over three million people dedicate 200 million hours each year to help others achieve their sport and physical activity goals. With the title of ‘Applied Coaching Research Journal’ the publication has been designed to identify key topics of interest and bring them to the forefront of the coaching community. All coaching audiences will read about the positive impact their coaching has on individuals, communities and on society, as well as to see and share best practice.

The first volume, ‘Transforming Lives Through Coaching’, was shaped by a part-independent Editorial team of Paul Greaves (Lecturer of Sport, Sheffield Hallam University), Louisa Arnold (Coaching Lead, Kent Sport), Wayne Allison (Coach Inclusion and Diversity Manager, The FA and UK Coaching Board Non-Executive Director) and Beth Thompson (Head of Insight and Learning, UK Coaching).

Key articles like ‘Promoting the Health Benefits of Being a Coach’ by John MciIroy – which discusses the dual impact of coaching; how sport and physical activity benefits not just the participant but the coach too – and ‘Personal Reflections of Coaching Behind Bars’ by Clare McGregor (Coaching Inside and Out) – an inspiring story, which sees the author discuss her experiences of mind coaching in prison settings and demonstrate the impact of coaching on some of the most vulnerable members of society – give a flavour of the types of learning on offer.

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