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Sprint Working Group aims to help UK paddlers get a fast start

The recently appointed Sprint Competition Review Working Group had their first meeting on Saturday 3rd November.  The Working Group is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Sprint Racing competition structure in the UK with a primary objective of improving participation and competition within Sprint Racing. 

Sprint Racing has a long and rich history in the UK partly because of a committed and passionate community that includes the athletes themselves, clubs, coaches, parents and of course British Canoeing.   This is also evidenced in the members of the Working Group itself, which combine a range of experiences both on and off the water.  Members of the Working Group are (in alphabetical order);

  • Hannah Brown, Flatwater racing community representative
  • Imogen Collins, Sprint Racing Committee representative
  • Anna Gray, British Canoeing Development team
  • Kevin Hipkins, Co-Chair
  • John Hoile, Regatta Committee representative
  • Ivan Lawler, President British Canoeing
  • Alison Nightingale, Co-Chair
  • Richard Ramsdale, British Canoeing Head of Talent
  • Mark Ressell, Flatwater racing community representative

The Group was unanimous in a requirement that the review and recommendations, first and foremost, meet the needs of paddlers of all ages and all abilities.  To do this a range of tools will be used to reach out to the paddling community to solicit feedback and opinions.   Expect to see further updates on the Group’s initial progress and plans in early January and by mid-February, more formal requests for individual feedback.

For further information or to share any immediate feedback, you can email the group at [email protected].