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Are you ready to take on the River Wye Challenge?

Wye Challenge Front Cover

There’s a new British Canoeing challenge route on the block and it’s the longest one yet! If you’re looking for a big adventure to train up for then this could be the one for you.

The River Wye 85 Mile Challenge Route is designed as a multi-day challenge, with the opportunity for canoe hire and camping along the route. Starting from Glasbury, journey through the serene Wye valley, taking in the beautiful scenery of England and Wales. The challenge is written to be completed over four days but the more competitive paddler may want to cut this down to three or even two.

It wouldn’t be a challenge route without a time to beat, so our live leaderboard will allow paddlers to check out the fastest time to beat. Don’t forget though, it’s ‘on the water’ time which counts on the board not how many days you do it over.

For full information about the challenge route, including route details, area information, canoe hire and accommodation click here.

River Wye Trails

If you would like to explore the River Wye without the challenge element then check out our seven new canoe trails. These trails take in the same area of the Wye but on shorter journeys, from 8.5 to 16 miles long. With canoe hire centres situated all along the Wye these trails are perfect for a family day out or a trip with friends.

Find the Wye trails and many more here.