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Rafting teams selected for the European and World Rafting Championships

Last weekend (10th - 11th February) the British Rafting Committee hosted the 2018 British Rafting National Selections at the National Watersports Centre, Nottingham, with 13 teams in total competing across all four age categories (U19, U23, Open and Masters).

Photos: Phil Hutchinson

The competition saw the teams compete across all four disciplines:

  • Sprint - fastest top to bottom
  • Head-to-Head - round robin competition involving two rafts starting at the same time and navigating a choice of two out of four upstream gates in a race to the bottom of the course
  • Slalom - a series of 14 up and down stream gates - with the best time (and score) of two runs seeing the winner
  • Downriver - a lengthy endurance which at this event meant five laps of the white water course

The British Rafting International Selection Panel are proud to announce the following teams for the 2018/2019 R4 Raft Race calendar:

GB1 U19W - Lee Valley Red Devils
GB2 U19W - Lee Valley Blue Devils
GB1 U23W - Overboard Women
GB1 MW - Mid Raft Crisis
GB2 MW - Generation X
GB1 OW - Team Palm
GB2 OW - Red Rose

GB1 U19M - Lee Valley U19 Men
GB1 U23M - Collective U23 Men
GB1 MM - Masters of Rubber
GB2 MM - R.E.D.
GB1 OM - Team PeakUK 1
GB2 OM - Team PeakUK 2

All teams designated GB1 are offered the opportunity to represent Great Britain at both the European and World Rafting Championships. GB2 designations are offered the opportunity to represent at the European Rafting Championship.

The European Championship will be held in Bratislava on the Cunovo course. The World Championship will be held in Argentina on the Aluminé River.

Well done to all the teams who took part over the weekend for what was a superb showcase of the strength and depth of the sport.