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Paralympic Medallist inspires Armistice Day art

Paralympic medallist Nick Beighton was the muse for an art exhibition for the Remembrance Art Trail, created by artist Mark Humphrey.

The Art Honours Our Heroes exhibition showed from 29th October through until 11th November, the 100-year anniversary of the end of the First World War.  It was exhibited in the Lobby of One Canada Square,

Mark made links with Nick as part of his connections with The Royal British Legion, The Royal Engineers and Ministry of Defence. He used Nick’s personal story as inspiration for his two pieces of art within the exhibition.

Nick Beighton Part 1 (Trauma to Champion: Windows of the Soul) and Nick Beighton Part 2 (Tragedy to Triumph: Metamorphosis of LIfe) created in art Nick’s journey from losing his legs on active service as Captain in the Royal Engineers in Afghanistan, through to winning the bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Nick’s story of finding a glimmer of hope in the devastation of war to become an athlete and compete in the Paralympics inspired Mark to create this series of works to demonstrate the incredible strength that former serving personnel have to overcome overwhelming loss.

Nick said: “I haven’t done anything like this before but I really wanted to be part of this project. Obviously with my military background, I was keen to support it as it significantly raises the profile of such an important cause.

“It was 18 months all in and a complex project working really closely with Mark, sharing the intimate emotions and experiences of my recovery.

“It was an honour to be chosen to share my story, and relate my modern day experiences to the story of Armistice Day.”