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More winter warmers trails to keep you paddling through winter

Following the successful launch of the first collection of winter warmers canoe trails, we have three more for you to add to your collection... welcome to winter warmers part 2! 

Our winter warmers trails are spread all across the country, with something for all abilities with paddles ranging from just a few miles to challenging 12 mile epics but they all have one thing in common... they all end at the pub! 

In this mini collection, you have the option to paddle the beautiful River Beaulieu again, this time heading up the channel towards Beaulieu itself. There are also two other trails including a beautiful scenic and historical route along the Lancaster canal, and a relaxing paddle on the River Wey - one of the first navigable rivers in the UK. 

Designed in the new British Canoeing style, each trail includes a geographically accurate illustrated map, detailed written descriptions; licensing and membership information for each specific waterway. All trail PDF's have live links to take you to further information plus access to a GPX file where people can download the trail straight to their device or watch for accuracy when undertaking the trail.

For Winter Warmer trails Part 1 click here.

All canoe trails on the website* can be paddled with a British Canoeing membership.

*all trails can be paddled with British Canoeing membership unless otherwise stated. Please consult the 'licensing information' on each PDF for further details. 

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Dont Drink And Drown

An important campaign by the RLSS encourages people to remember the effects of alcohol and the potential implications around water safety. 'Don't drink and drown' reminds people to be mindful of their alcohol consumption around water, which is especially important for paddlers too.