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Fine performances at sprint individual boat selection event

The country’s best canoe sprint racers battled for places on the Great Britain team at the individual boat selection event, held at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham.

Despite the difficult conditions there were some fine performances recorded with international selection for the senior, under 23 and junior teams at stake.

The closest race of the day was in the K1 men’s 200m, with less than a tenth of a second splitting the first three finishers across the line.

Double Olympic medallist Jonny Schofield (Soar Valley) claimed victory by just 0.04 seconds ahead of his K4 500m crew boat colleague Lewis Fletcher in second place, with junior World Champion Ieuan James in third. Speaking after the race Jonny Schofield said:

“It was extremely close, the standard of racing in GB is pretty high so you have got to be on your game to win a race like that.

“It’s always nice to take a win and that I get that chance to race in the World Cup now.

“It’s extremely positive across the juniors, under 23 and seniors that we have got competitive boats, with a lot of power in them over the shorter distances. If we can capitalise on that in the next few years it will put us in a bright place.”


Three time Olympian Jessica Walker (Royal) continued her good start to the season, winning the K1 women’s 200m, with Rachel Cawthorn (Wey) second and Hannah Brown (Wiltshire Youth) third.

In the K1 women’s 500m it was Rio Olympian Rebii Simon (Elmbridge) who took the victory, with Jess Walker in second place and Rachel Cawthorn third. It was a crucial victory for Rebii, who after the race said:

“I was quite nervous before as it was the only race that I was doing today. Also I hadn’t done the crew boats in the previous regatta, so this was all or nothing for this year.  So I’m really happy to have won.

“It does make it feel a lot better because Rachel, Jess and everyone else in the field are really good.

“It’s not easy to win and you could see it was a tight race.”


There was a double in the K1 men’s 500m and 1,000m for Tom Lusty (Solihull) who took both wins ahead of Jon Boyton (Royal) in second place.

For Tom, who is completing an engineering degree at Coventry University, it was a special day.

“It feels great. I’ve had a pretty tough week, I’m trying to get my last module at University finished and my dissertation is due on Monday.

“It means a lot to come out and put in a good race. It’s a good stepping stone for a couple of weeks’ time when we go out to the World Cups and race in Hungary and then Germany.”

In the K1 women/girls 1000m Lizzie Broughton (Richmond) took victory ahead of junior Emma Russell (Chelmsford) and Alex Lane (Longridge) in third place.

In the K1 senior men and women 5000m Zyggy Chmiel (Nottingham) finished ahead of Magnus Gregory (Longridge) and Matt Bowley (Burton Phoenix), with Lizzie Broughton (Richmond) taking a second victory of the day, edging out Alex Lane (Longridge)


In the canoeing events Katie Reid claimed a fine victory in the C1 women/girls 200m final, with Chloe Bracewell second and Afton Fitzhenry (CANI) third.

Katie, who has been selected for the World Cups in the C2 women’s 200m and 500m crew boats with Nia Tomos, said after the race:

“It was really good.  I’ve been doing a lot of C2 this year as well as C1, with qualifying for Tokyo next year. So I’m really happy with that.

“I’m just trying to build up to the World Cups and getting selection done now. I’ll have two and half weeks of hard graft and then onto the World Cups, which will be exciting.”

Chloe Bracewell and Bethany Gill won the race off for the second crew boat place in the C2 women’s 500m, against Ruth Bennett and Afton Fitzhenry.

Chloe completed a successful day by taking victory in the C1 women/girls 500m, with Anna Palmer (Longridge) and Callie Halliday (Fladbury) in second and third place.

Jonny Jones (Fladbury) won C1 canoe men/boys open 1,000m by a narrow margin ahead of Arthur Leech (Richmond) in second place.


There were some other notable performances in the junior events with Emma Russell (Chelmsford) and Ben Gallacher (Scottish Performance Squad) both claiming a double in the K1 under 18/under16 200m and 500m races.

Junior Phillip Miles (Royal Leamington Spa) continued his good form with victory in the K1 boys u18/u16 1000m ahead of club mate Alex Greaves and Will Scammell (Longridge).


Today’s results will determine the individual boat selections for the Senior World Cup 1 and World Cup 2 events in Szeged and Duisburg, alongside the Under 23 and Junior European Championships in Auronzo and the Piestany International Regatta.

Individual boat selections will be announced on Tuesday 1 May. The crew boat selections were previously announced on Tuesday 17 April.

Further details on the international selection process for the 2018 events can be accessed through British Canoeing’s selection policies.

Provisional Results: Sprint Individual Boats Selection Event

Senior Men + Men U23 Open 200m FINAL
1   SOR J Schofield 36.01
2   SPS L Fletcher 36.05
3   SPS I James 36.09

Senior Women + Women U23 Open 200m FINAL
1 ROY J Walker 41.34
2 WEY R Cawthorn 41.99
3 WYC H Brown 42.42

Canoe Women + Women U23 + Girls U18 Open 200m FINAL
1 IND K Reid 47.59
2 IND C Bracewell 49.00
3 CNI A Fitzhenry 50.63

Boys Under 18 / Under 16 200m FINAL
1 SPS B Gallacher 37.97
2  WYC E Nightingale 38.21
3   RDG D Atkins 38.26

Girls Under 18 / Under 16 200m FINAL
1 CLM E Russell 43.83
2 FOX E Dale 44.48
3   LON G Carmichael 46.27

Senior Men + Men U23 Open 500m FINAL
1   SOL T Lusty 1:41.72
2   ROY J Boyton 1:43.34
3   BPR M Bowley 1:43.89

Senior Women + Women U23 Open 500m FINAL
1  ELM R Simon 1:55.17
2  ROY J Walker 1:56.41
3  WEY R Cawthorn 1:56.77

Canoe Women + Women U23 + Girls U18 Open 500m FINAL
1 IND C Bracewell 2:18.20
2 LON A Palmer 2:29.64
3 FLA C Halliday 2:29.97

Canoe Women Open Race-Off 500m FINAL
1 ORS C Bracewell/B Gill 2:10.52
2 ORS R Bennett/A Fitzhenry 2:11.09

Boys Under 18 / Under 16 500m FINAL 
1 SPS B Gallacher 1:47.30
2 RDG D Atkins 1:48.11
3 RLS A Greaves 1:50.17

Girls Under 18 / Under 16 500m FINAL
1 CLM E Russell 1:58.51
2 NOR F Duffield 2:00.38
3 SPS R Kneen 2:02.23

Senior Men + Men U23 Open 1000m FINAL
1 SOL T Lusty 3:37.65
2 ROY J Boyton 3:39.77
3 NOT Z Chmiel 3:43.31

Senior Women + Women U23 + Girls U18 / U16 Open 1000m FINAL
1 RIC L Broughton 4:08.31
2 CLM E Russell 4:13.47
3 LON A Lane 4:20.52

Canoe Men + Men U23 + Boys U18 Open 1000m FINAL
1 FLA J Jones 4:14.71
2 RIC A Leech 4:18.73
3 SPS A Marasa 4:38.28

Boys Under 18 / Under 16 1000m FINAL
1 RLS P Miles 3:49.41
2 RLS A Greaves 3:51.63
3 LON W Scammell 3:52.02

Senior Men + Senior Women Open 5000m FINAL
1   NOT Z Chmiel 20:26.76
2   LON M Gregory 20:28.35
3   BPR M Bowley 20:58.97

4   RIC L Broughton 23:22.10
5   LON A Lane 23:23.58