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British Canoeing present at UK Coaching eLearning event

Thursday 3rd May saw the first meeting of the eLearning Mini Team hosted by UK Coaching. Lee Pooley, Head of Coaching & Qualifications, and Ricky Snodgrass, Project & Development Officer, were invited to attend and present British Canoeing Awarding Body’s journey into using eLearning so far.

After only 12 months of using eLearning, British Canoeing stood to present alongside other NGB’s including Badminton England, British Rowing, the PGA and the FA. After a brief introduction from Lee about the decision to pursue eLearning, Ricky went on to present about the eLearning strategy, projects so far and future projects.

The whole day was full of networking between over 20 NGBs and related organisations. There was lots of learning about how similar organisations are using eLearning and things they have learnt along the way. Lee and Ricky came away with plenty of ideas for future eLearning, plenty of contacts for collaborating and lots of information about what to do and what not to do.

The day was a great success and hopefully was the start of a very effective networking group for eLearning at British Canoeing.

Ricky E Learning Presentation 1