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British Canoeing Open Recruitment for the Coaching Diploma (formerly Level 4)

British Canoeing are inviting coaches who may be interested joining the British Canoeing Coaching Diploma starting in May 2019, to get in touch!

The course aims to offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself into a powerful learning environment, challenging your views and exploring and developing your coaching in your specialist areas. The Coaching Diploma aims to provide new knowledge, gives you practical opportunities to work with new material and challenge current practise, as well as work alongside and challenge your peers.

Next year we are introducing more options for students who may wish to access some, but not the entire programme:

The ‘full’ programme is based over a two-year cycle (May 2019 – Sept 2021) and is made up of a series of distance learning modules, residential 2-day blocks, with integrated delivery and mentoring support from academic and Paddlesport Tutors. Candidates who successfully complete all these aspects achieve a Postgraduate Diploma and a British Canoeing Coaching Diploma, and also have the option to continue studies to complete an M.Sc.

‘Bespoke’ and ‘partial’ programmes are also on offer. Students can opt in to as many (or as few) of the distance learning modules, residential 2-day blocks, and field visits as they wish. The option of different university programmes for the Postgraduate component is also on the table. Some students choosing these options may be intending to complete the British Canoeing Coaching Diploma and/or achieve a Postgraduate Diploma… but this is not necessary. We hope these options support coaches who wish to engage in the programme for personal development and aim to make the learning accessible to more coaches who don’t want to, or aren’t able to, invest in the ‘full’ programme offer.

Following initial expressions of interest, through to programme start date is a collaborative time. We aim to support potential students assess the programme suitability to ensure that it is a good match for their needs and that it has potential to provide the learning opportunities being sought out.

Please see “Coaching Diploma Information for Potential Students” and “Coaching Diploma Questions for Potential Students” for more information and to start this process of working with us. 

You can also contact [email protected] if you have specific questions or wish to speak to us direct.

The closing date for applications is 3rd December 2018.