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British Canoeing launch Athlete Rep Group

At British Canoeing we believe that the welfare of athletes, staff and volunteers is fundamental in allowing them to thrive within a performance environment. As part of our Performance Wellbeing Strategy, we are pleased to introduce the new Athlete Rep Group which has been bought together to facilitate improvements in athlete welfare within our performance programmes. 

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The Athlete Rep Group will represent the voice of athletes across the world class and talent programmes within our Olympic and Paralympic disciplines. The British Athletes Commission (BAC), an independent membership association representing the interests of athletes in elite performance sports, will support the athlete reps in their voluntary roles. Training will be given in areas such as safeguarding, professional skills and mentoring, and reps will be supported by a professional athlete representative manager from the BAC.

Reps will deliver the opinions and feedback of our performance athletes to senior staff including the performance leadership team and the British Canoeing board. Through their training with the BAC the athlete reps will also be equipped to act as mentors and advisors to support queries, comments or concerns of fellow athletes. This peer-to-peer scheme provides an alternative route for athletes to be heard when they may be unsure to whom or when their query should be delivered. Details of how to contact the athlete reps can be found on the performance wellbeing webpage here.

Our inaugural British Canoeing Athlete Representatives will hold term for an initial period of one year. The 2018 Reps are:

Emilia McAllister Jepps, Chair 

Rachel Cawthorn, Vice Chair - Sprint  

Jonny Young, Vice Chair - Paracanoe

Kimberley Woods, Vice Chair - Slalom

Deborah Kerr, Communications Officer 

Charlotte Henshaw, Communications Officer 

Jess Walker, Communications Officer 

Mallory Franklin, Projects Officer

The ARG will be an important vehicle for driving forward the empowerment of athletes within the performance programmes. I am looking forward to representing and supporting all British Canoeing athletes, providing a voice to ensure that as a group we are heard, but also to highlight that people are actively listening. I would like everyone who is a part of a performance programme to have thrived and for it to be a positive experience.

– Emilia McAllister Jepps, Chair of the ARG

For more information about athlete welfare at British Canoeing, visit the Performance Wellbeing webpage here.