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British Canoeing Announce Paddle Clean Ambassadors

British Canoeing is delighted to announce three Paddle Clean Ambassadors; Paralympic champion Emma Wiggs, two time canoe slalom Olympian Fiona Pennie and Olympic gold medallist Tim Brabants, to support in promoting clean sport.

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The three ambassadors will look to promote clean sport throughout British Canoeing, sharing their experience in paddlesports to help support all athletes involved in the sport.

The role of the three ambassadors is to help increase awareness of anti-doping, engage with athletes and support personnel, and input into British Canoeing’s Paddle Clean Strategy.

Canoe Slalom athlete Fiona Pennie wants to use her experience of the UK Anti-Doping system to pass on to younger athletes.

I am really excited to be a Paddle Clean Ambassador. I have so many years now in the sport and so much experience of the UK Anti-Doping system.

– Fiona Pennie - Canoe Slalom

“I am looking to pass on all of that experience to the younger athletes and be there as somebody for them to talk to and ask any questions that they might have, and feedback anything they would like to talk about regarding clean sport.”

Paracanoe athlete Emma Wiggs encourages athletes in the sport to come to the Paddle Clean Ambassadors for advice and support.

“I am really proud to be a Paddle Clean Ambassador for British Canoeing. It is so important that we promote clean sport and do everything we can to ensure it is a level playing field, so people can compete knowing that it is a drug free sport."

As an ambassador, hopefully athletes feel they can come to any of the Paddle Clean Ambassadors and ask for advice, help and support with anything to do with anti-doping and we are here to help.

– Emma Wiggs - Paracanoe

Tim Brabants, Podium Technical Coach, said: “I think it is very important that we promote for all. That the younger athletes in our sport realise it very capable to get to the top of the sport by remaining a clean athlete and upholding the principles of clean sport, not only for yourself, but for your competitors and the sport in general.” 

British Canoeing is also pleased to support Clean Sport Week which takes place 21 to 27 May.  It is an opportunity to highlight the positive work that is happening across all sports in ensuring that athletes are clean and those who take part in sport, at all levels, can make informed decisions about clean sport. 

You will be able to find plenty of information on clean sport across the British Canoeing channels throughout the week, including some key tips from our Paddle Clean Ambassadors.