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Become a Provider of the NEW Personal Performance Awards

We are pleased to announce that every Instructor, Coach, Leader, Guide and Bell Boat Helm will be able to deliver the NEW Personal Performance Awards, providing greater access for the paddling community.

There are a number of existing Provider roles that will enable Providers to start delivering the Personal Performance Awards from January 2019. We are also recognising a wide range of coaching and leadership qualifications that coaches and leaders already hold which enables them to work towards becoming a Provider of the NEW Personal Performance Awards. This also opens up the opportunity for existing Providers to deliver more awards.

All aspirant Providers will need to complete a specific eLearning package before delivering the Personal Performance Awards. This will be made available in Autumn 2018 and enables all Providers to access the package in the own time, reducing the need for travel, making this a more cost effective route for all Providers.

The eLearning will only be required to be accessed once, even though Providers may be delivering multiple awards, and covers the following topics -

  • The award structures
  • Philosophy of personal development and growth
  • Standardisation of the awards
  • Assessment principles and practices
  • Administration processes
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The eLearning provides 3 years’ CPD, as well as completing the British Canoeing Assessors Training Course and will cost £15. On completion of the educational package, the provider will be sent an electronic document of the eLearning for further reference, as well as a British Canoeing Provider logo they will be able to use in their promotion and marketing of running the awards. 

For full details of the Provider requirements for the new awards, please see the ‘Provider Requirements for the NEW Personal Performance Awards’ on the Awarding Body website.

For further information, please see the How do the changes impact existing Star Award Providers? news item or the 'New for 2019' section of the website.