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A great day on the water for the Stand Up Paddleboard Provider Orientation

On the 12th May, British Canoeing ran a Stand Up Paddleboard Support Module Provider Orientation at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottinghamshire.

The sun shone at the National Water Sports Centre, enabling a great day out on the water for aspirant SUP Support Modules Providers. Chris Brain ran the module where the group tried out a range of boards, went through the basic techniques and different types of rescues.

The SUP Support Module is designed to assist anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about the specialist discipline of Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).

If you are interested in attending an SUP Support Module, please click here for further details.

Interested in becoming a Provider? Read more in our newly released 'How to Become a Provider' document, which can be found on the Awarding Body website. Upcoming Provider Orientations and Moderations for all courses can be found here