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5 ideas for paddling adventures this summer

Summer is the best and this year we have the bonus of extra added sunshine! If you want to enjoy the great weather with an adventure on the water but aren’t sure where to start then this article is for you! Read on for a dash of inspiration, lashings of ideas and next weeks lottery numbers - ok, not the lottery numbers but the rest of it is there…

1. Be Christopher Columbus

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You may not discover a new continent but you will be amazed at what you see from the water. Canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding are wonderful ways to gain a new perspective, even on the most familiar of territory. British Canoeing have almost 150 Canoe Trails listed on their website; independent adventures for all abilities. If you don’t have your own boat and equipment then worry not - we have a list of our lovely Quality Mark Canoe Hire providers on the website too. They can help get you safely on the water and off to explore waters new!


2. Be better


Whether you’re getting on the water for the first time, want to polish up your skills or fancy learning some new ones, British Canoeing has some great options for you. By going to a starter session or course at your local club or centre you can learn the basics on safety and technique. You will also be able to get lots of tips from the club community on where to go paddling.
Check out our Starter Session and Skill Development sections for more information.


3. Be more popular


Fed up with seeing the same old faces? All your friends heard your interesting anecdotes? Time to get a new crew? Why not head down to your local club or centre and make some better friends?! Clubs and centres are a brilliant place to get social, with weekly paddles, weekends away and off the water events. Even if you still like your old mates it’s always good to have more. Check out our Canoe Near You map to find your nearest club or centre.


4. Be a challenge champion


We all know that one person who’s always off on an adventure. If you’re sick of listening their tales of huge achievement why not be the one who's telling the stories?! British Canoeing Challenge Routes can be taken on at any time. They vary in length from 6 to 25 miles and are designed to test paddlers of every ability. From our newest route; the London Legacy Loop to the big but beautiful Loch Awe, you can choose the perfect challenge for you and get your name on the Challenge Leaderboard. 


5. Be an eco-warrior


Rubbish is rubbish! British Canoeing have pledged to improve the health of our rivers and work to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment. By observing the Check, Clean, Dry code, reporting invasive species and collecting the rubbish you see whilst paddling, you can help us to keep our precious waterways clean and clear of invasive species. Read more about our access and environment work here. Don’t forget to tell us how you have helped the environment at [email protected]


For more ideas, inspiration and knowledge on getting on the water this summer visit the Go Canoeing section of the website.