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2019 Canoe Sprint Draft Selection Policy Published

Heath Liam 3

The Canoe Sprint International Panel would like to thank those who took the time to provide feedback on the 2018 Policy during July this year. They would now like to open the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on the proposed draft 2019 Canoe Sprint Junior & U23 Selection Policies. 

The draft policy has, where possible, used the feedback to further improve and simplify the policy.

The below drafts have been developed for the 2019 season and the final policy will be published by the end of December 2018 following consideration of consultation feedback and when final dates are confirmed.  Please feel free to point out errors, gaps, typos or suggest new ideas on how the policies can be improved.

The panel has split the policy into two:

The Juniors & U23 selection policy can be accessed here and feedback can be provided at the following link: U23 Sprint Selection Policy Feedback  

The senior draft selection policy can be accessed here  with feedback provided at the following link: Senior Sprint Selection Policy Feedback  

The window for feedback is for just over two weeks and will close on Monday 29th October 2018.