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WetlandLIFE Projects Seeking Feedback on Wetland Landscape

The WetlandLIFE Projects are seeking to discover more about how and why people do or don’t use wet land environments for recreation. 

Wetland Life

The WetlandLIFE is a three year project, (2016-2019) studying the cultural, historical and economic values of wetland spaces across England, with case study sites in Bedfordshire, the Somerset Levels and the Humber Estuary. The study also includes a focus on mosquitoes to refine our understanding of their importance within these habitats.

The aim of the project is to learn more about how wetlands support human health and wellbeing within England; and to reflect upon what wellbeing means to different user groups. Of particular importance is talking to people whose recreational or professional activities make use, or could make use, of wetlands.

The project will also include the creation of wet land diaries and field work, meeting informally with groups of people who do or could make use of wetland environments.

The ecological surveys are located in 12 different wetlands environments across England.

Somerset: Here moorland connected by different river systems in the Somerset Levels have been selected, most notably the River Brue. We have selected Shapwick Heath and Westhay Moor

Bedfordshire: Reclaimed wetlands either from agricultural land or old gravel pits are the focus, including : Priory Country Park http://www.priorycountrypark.c... and the Millennium Country Park

Lincolnshire: Selected riverine wetlands. We have selected Alkborough Flats

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School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton, Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 4GJ, UK.

Telephone +44(01273) 642380