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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Paddlesport Leader

1 - Available in any craft, from SUP to Open Canoe to Racing Craft!

The Paddlesport Leader Award is aimed at Leaders wanting to introduce others to the water and enable them to lead a variety of craft on a journey. The Leader can choose the craft from which they work and can look after others in both single discipline and mixed fleets.

2 - Optional formal training - if you already have the required skills, book your Paddlesport Leader Assessment!

The Award focuses on learning through experience so there is no formal requirement for training. However, clubs, centres and coaches can run bespoke training opportunities, to individuals or groups, to improve and develop Leaders skills ahead of assessment. This will aid Leaders personalised development journey. British Canoeing also provide 2 day quality training opportunities, for those that seek them, to support leaders in the development of the required skills. It is important that Leaders undertaking the award take an active role in deciding the appropriate preparation, training and experience that is needed prior to presenting for assessment.

3 - Easy to access - the only prerequisites are a 1 day First Aid award and British Canoeing membership

Just complete your LR Form and find a convenient assessment!

4 - Supportive resources available

British Canoeing have provided a range of resources to aid leaders on their journey towards assessment. These include the Paddlesport Leader Award Leading Experience Record, Journey Planner and Self-Reflection template and Skills Checklist. There is also an online, interactive e-learning platform which is open to anyone and introduces the key principles behind the British Canoeing Leadership Model. This will allow learners to explore, think about and develop their decision making skills, aiding their assessment preparation.

5 - Supports entry level leading activity

The Paddlesport Leader Award is specifically aimed at people leading others in a sheltered water environment, such as canals, ungraded sections of rivers, estuaries, small lakes and lochs. 

Full details of the Paddlesport Leader Award can be found on the British Canoeing Leadership section of the website