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Performance Wellbeing Group

British Canoeing is pleased to announce that a Performance Wellbeing Group has recently been established to support the organisation’s work in developing and delivering appropriate policies and practices around matters of athlete, staff and volunteer welfare within its performance and talent development programmes.

The work of the group will focus primarily on the UK Performance and England Talent Programmes, with an expectation that the outcomes from this work will impact more widely in other areas including other Home Nations and programmes within the non-Olympic disciplines within British Canoeing.

The vision identified for Performance Wellbeing in British Canoeing is ‘For all athletes, staff and volunteers to thrive in a performance environment that allows them to fulfil their potential and reflect positively on their experiences.’

Speaking about the Performance Wellbeing Group, Jon Schofield, Olympic bronze and silver medallist, said; "I'm delighted with the work that the Performance Wellbeing Group is doing. Our sport is a fantastic one and I am passionate about making sure everyone who is involved with it comes away with experiences as positive as those I have had." 

"The performance wellbeing group is a step in the right direction to ensure our sport has a positive impact on all those who come into contact with it. We are at the forefront of developing a sustainable sports performance model for generations to come."