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Members' Adventures 2017

We want to make a song and dance about all the inspiring, exciting and new places our members visit in 2017. Whether you’ve tried a local trail, been on your first canoeing holiday, or want to share your adrenaline fuelled adventures with fellow members for inspiration, we want to map your adventure on our unique google map.

Membership Map

There’s a few really simple ways you can tell us where you’ve been paddling…

1.      Tag us on social media and add your location!

On Facebook

·        Upload a picture as normal

·        In the ‘where were these taken’ box, type your location. Alternatively, in the text box, type the location.

·        Hover over the photo and click. This will bring up a box. Type ‘British Canoeing’ and tag the British Canoeing profile with the blue tick (that’s us!)

·        Click post!

On Twitter

·        Create a new tweet and upload a picture with that tweet.

·        Click the little ‘pin’ icon and add your location. Alternatively, type your location in the text.

·        Tag @britishcanoeing in the text box or add British Canoeing when you click ‘who’s in this photo’

·        Tweet it!

On Instagram

·        Upload your photo as you would normally.

·        After clicking next from the filters section, write your caption, add a location where the photo was taken, and then in the ‘tag people’ box,tag @british.canoeing (you may have to follow us first).

·        Post!

We will do all the rest when we get the notification. You can find the Members Adventures map here.

2.      Send an email

Send an email with your photo, a caption and your location to

3.      Via Post

Send your photo in the post! If you wanted to print it out and send it to us, feel free! Just remember to include the location and your name. We can’t promise to send your photo back though, so please make sure you keep a copy for yourself. Please address your photos to; Communications Team, British Canoeing, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham NG12 2LU.