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Level 3 Case Study: Hannah Brown

It’s Women in Sports Week, so meet Hannah Brown, a newly qualified Level 3 Sprint Coach. 

I got into paddling at my local canoe club in Bradford on Avon with a couple of school friends one summer as a 13 year old. I stopped at the end of the summer holidays but tried it again the following year. This was when I did a couple of races and fell in love with the competitive side of canoeing!

I guess my coaching began in river racing. The nature of the discipline means when you’re learning a river, the group will help each other learn and improve on the water. Since then, I've enjoyed giving back at a club level down in Wiltshire, learning from the coaches based there. During the past year I’ve been involved with the junior sprint side, assisting the development of junior athletes at regional and international training camps. 

I've enjoyed the learning experience of the Level 3 journey and especially meeting different coaches from other disciplines on the courses. It's been really interesting sharing concepts and ideas across the different areas of the sport. 

The Level 3 qualification has made me think about the way I communicate to athletes, in such a way of trying to enhance the learning environment. Going through the course, I've learnt to consider how to create an athlete that can think and internalise how they are running the boat rather than relying on external feedback. 

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