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Knowledge Bank: Leadership Theories

Ahead of the Paddlesport Leader Award launch on the 3rd April, we are taking a look at some Leadership theories and models that inform Leadership practice. 

There are many different Leadership theories and models that have been developed over the years. Historically, one of the most influential models of leadership in sport is the Multidimensional Model of Leadership (Chelladurai, 1978, 1990), and more recently, the Transformational Leadership Theory (Bass, 1985) has become influential within the sport domain.

Take a look at the following video which talks you through the Multidimensional Model of Leadership. The model has an extensive research base and has had a significant influence in shaping the understanding of leadership in sport and is considered both relevant and useful today.

The following video is Dr Dr Calum Arthur talking about Transformational Leadership. Dr Calum Arthur was also a speaker at the latest Level 4 Performance Coaching residential.