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Join the Trent100 SUP endurance challenge

Join the Trent100 SUP endurance challenge from 4th - 5th August 2017!

"Imagine paddling across three counties in England with a team of like-minded adventurers, just you, your team and your stand up paddle board thrown against two days and 100 kilometres of fast water whilst trying to make to the finish line in good shape to party with 45,000 revellers at the Nottingham Riverside Festival.  The Trent is 298 kilometres long and we have selected the best 100 kilometres we could find for the challenge.  You will experience many different moods of the river from shallow, narrow and fast wilderness to deep, wide and slow city life."

The TRENT100 promises to challenge you from the first stroke on day one at the stunning Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire to the last gasp as you cross the finish line at Nottingham Trent Bridge to thousands of spectators on day two.  Just entering it will impress your friends so finishing will amaze them!

This event is, however, not about beating the people around you it’s about two days of supporting, enjoying and celebrating the challenge. 100km is a long way so why make it more difficult by doing it alone as a battle when you can do it as a team. Start together, struggle together, relax together, recover together and celebrate together.

The aim is to complete this challenge fulfilled and in better shape than when you started, richer for the shared experience. The stories you take home will amaze your friends for a short while but the memories you will share with your team mates will last a lifetime.

You will have many moments over the course of the challenge, some will be very personal and some will be shared as a group of brave adventurous souls that simply enjoy the company and friendship of others, with the common aim of finishing the TRENT100 and having had a good time!

For more information and how to enter, please visit the Trent100 website.