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Join the #PlasticPatrol this summer!

Adventurer, environmentalist and blogger - Lizzie Carr - who most recently became the first female to cross the channel on a stand up paddle board solo, has been making a real impact on our oceans, rivers and canals through her #PlasticPatrol initiative. 

#PlasticPatrol is a nationwide campaign to rid our oceans and coastlines of plastic pollution by stopping the problem at its source – in our waterways.

We first caught up with Lizzie last year as she became the first person in history to paddle board the length of England’s waterways, solo and unsupported. She completed the 400 mile journey in 22 days, plotting over 2000 photos of plastic pollution along the way.

Click here to read our interview with her in Canoe Focus

There will be an opportunity to try paddle boarding – completely free – at all of these events. All Lizzie asks is that you join in the plastic patrol efforts by collecting some of the rubbish you see and logging your finds in the Plastic Patrol app.

Litter pickers will be provided and all rubbish you find will be disposed of for you - just come along, do your bit and have fun! 

Paddle sports are a great way to engage people with the important environmental issue of plastic pollution. If people enjoy being on the water and witness, first hand, the devastating impact its having on our wildlife and their habitats they will naturally start to feel more protective of it. That was certainly my journey so actively encouraging more people to get involved with watersports is crucial to growing support.

– Lizzie Carr

The list of events is below - you can find full addresses on the Plastic Patrol site at

If you would like to book on to a session you will need to register on the Plastic Patrol website by clicking here. 

  • 22 July - Bridgewater Docks
  • 23 July - Bristol Harbour
  • 29 July - Bray
  • 30 July - Oxford
  • 5 August - Walsall
  • 6 August - Nottingham (Erewash Canal near Ilkeston)
  • 10 August - Sheffield
  • 13 August - Rochdale
  • 19 August - Blackburn
  • 20 August - Ellesmere Port

If any clubs local to these events can provide a similar session but with canoes, kayaks or sit-on tops we’d love to hear from you.

If you can help run a ‘come and try’ session with canoes or kayaks, please get in touch with us via 

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