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Guide Modules Case Study: Francisco Gutierrez

The British Canoeing Guide modules launched in April, open to anyone wanting to gain knowledge and develop in the specific areas of interest. 

Francisco ‘Pancho’ Gutierrez is one of the first to be offering the British Canoeing Guide Modules. Read Pancho’s case study about the modules and Richard Moses review of his recent attendance at the Guide Modules. 

These modules bridge the long-standing gap between our two passions: canoeing and bush craft.   Even though from the very beginning ‘canoeing’ was a synonym for ‘expedition’, much of the training gets limited to technical aspects of paddling leaving little space for non-paddling skills.  We are particularly pleased because the Guiding modules are not limited just to coaches, anyone can take part, leading them to take on more ambitious canoe trips.

The ethos of the Guide Endorsement is to support, share and recognise the importance to develop and hone the skills.  I can see that this will create a community of like-minded, a platform of sharing best practice and ideas to improve practice and in turn supports paddlers on their future journeys.
The formal endorsement is available to British Canoeing Leaders who have completed the relevant courses to their guiding roles.   Recognition that the Guide has met minimum standards is also built into the endorsement; for e.g. First Aid and a commitment to continued professional development.  As well as the recognition, there are other benefits for endorsed Guides.

We are committed to foster the development of the Guiding Scheme and are happy to help both canoeists and prospective Guides in the pursuit of a more knowledgeable and fulfilling time in the outdoors.  We are confident that we can help you take the next step into the awe-inspiring art of exploring our natural environment by canoe.  
Interested in attending a Guide Module? All of the modules are available to book online at the 2018 UK Coaching & Leadership Conference, or Pancho is running the following upcoming modules - 

Richard Moses has recently attended the Guide Modules, delivered by Pancho. Read his thoughts on the new endorsement - 

I would consider the guide modules to fill an important void for more adventurous expedition paddlers.

As an open canoeist and aspirant Canoe Leader, I’d reached a plateau in terms of personal skill development. Becoming aware of the new guide modules made me realise that their content fulfilled a missing component in my personal paddling development and afforded the opportunity to build a strong foundation from which I could develop both individually and as part of a wider community of like-minded paddlers.
Environment and Sustainability are key to the future lifeblood of our sport and an appreciation and extended knowledge-base of topics such as non-native invasive species allows for sharing and prevention-awareness of this threat, both here in the UK and further afield when undertaking overseas expeditions.
I also firmly believe that the Expedition Planning module creates a control mechanism for the positive promotion and delivery of adventurous expeditions which will appeal to British Canoeing membership both old and new. In combining traditional canoe skills with bushcraft, campcraft and environmental considerations, the resultant outcome is a strong foundation for achieving formal British Canoeing Guide Accreditation.
In regards to the course content and delivery, I cannot complement the course provider highly enough. The modules are well considered, professionally delivered and afford a springboard from which students can embark upon a journey of self-discovery and progression. I have already received significant interest from fellow club paddlers interested in attending the next course and look forward to seeing the Guide Scheme grow, filling the important void. 

Interested in becoming a British Canoeing Guide? Read more on the British Canoeing Guide section of the website. 

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