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British Canoeing & Stand Up Paddleboard

British Canoeing recently hosted a meeting of Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) stakeholders to talk about the current landscape and look at the strengths and the challenges within the sport.

Discussions covered coaching and qualifications, events (recreational and competition), access, environment and profile.

British Canoeing are committed to grow and develop all forms of paddlesport and were keen to listen to, and understand, where we may be able to provide more support to SUP and Stand Up Paddleboarders.

It is clear that there is an active and enthusiastic SUP community with great role models and ambassadors operating over a range of SUP disciplines, in different settings and offering a whole variety of participation options. There is however scope for helping to coordinate areas of work, to provide some consistency and share messages more widely.

It was therefore proposed that 2 groups be set up. A SUP working group and a SUP technical group. The former will focus on the broad issues affecting SUP (for example, events, access to waterways, safety and environmental awareness and profile and promotion of SUP) and the latter will focus on leadership, coaching and qualifications in the sport.

In order to ensure the groups have credibility within the community and representation from a broad range of people from different parts of the sport we are proposing an open and transparent recruitment process. British Canoeing will facilitate the setup of both groups. The SUP working group will agree their own priorities and if necessary terms of reference. The SUP technical group will have direction provided by the British Canoeing Coaching Strategy Group with the Head of Coaching setting work/tasks depending on project requirements.

Role descriptions and applications forms will be available via or by emailing [email protected]