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British Canoeing Joins Climate Coalition's Show the Love Campaign

British Canoeing is supporting the Climate Coalition’s ‘Show the Love’ campaign next month to raise awareness of the impact that climate change has on our sport.

Show the Love is part of an ongoing effort to encourage the UK Government to shift to clean energy within a generation. It will highlight the impact of climate change with people across the country taking part in wide ranging activities, based on the campaign’s iconic green heart symbol  to ‘Show the Love’ for the places, people and life we want to protect.

Richard Atkinson, head of waterways and environment at British Canoeing, says that all canoeists want to enjoy access to waterways but that climate change is making this more of a challenge.

“Like so many people and places in the UK, our recreational waterways are being impacted by the extreme weather events, attributed to climate change. That is why we are teaming up with The Climate Coalition, made up of more than a hundred passionate organisations, to protect the future of our sport,” he said. 

“Climate changes have led, in part, to the introduction and increase in invasive non-native species as well as major changes to river levels due to unpredictable weather patterns.

“The impact of non-native invasive species has a significant impact on paddling as well as the environment. Not only does it cost multi-millions each year to control, species such as pennywort block waterways, reducing access for paddlers. More than ever, paddlers need to observe the check, clean, dry procedure.

“Our wonderful network of inland and coastal waters are amongst the best in Europe and canoeing is an ideal way of exploring wildness areas and quietly observing wildlife. It causes no erosion, noise or pollution and leaves no trace of its passing. We want this to continue for future generations which is why we’re asking our members to share their support with us.”

Show the Love week will run from 7-14 February and paddlers can get involved by sharing pictures of their favourite places to get on the water using the hashtag #showthelove.

As part of the campaign the Climate Coalition would like everyone to wear a green heart to show their love for the environment.  Stickers are available via the British Canoeing communications team on or can be made using the Show the Love resource pack 

“British Canoeing takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and wants everyone to have fun and enjoy the natural environment,” added Richard.

Last year the Show the Love campaign saw hundreds and thousands of people across the UK make, wear and share green hearts and the campaign was supported by a number of celebrities including Emilia Fox, Thandie Newton, Dermot O’Leary and Jeremy Irons.