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British Canoeing First Aid Policy Update

British Canoeing believes that First Aid is an essential skill for all Paddlesport Coaches and Leaders and that they have a responsibility to maintain a current first aid award to ensure they can look after paddlers in their care.

In October 2013, HSE stopped approving first aid training, qualifications and first aid training organisations.  This means that it is the customer’s duty to ensure that the course content and training provider selected for the purposes of first aid training is appropriate for their specific needs.  

British Canoeing coaches and leaders still need to ensure, when registering for a British Canoeing training or assessment course, that the First Aid course meets the minimum requirements for the training or assessment. 

Following assessment or the attainment of a specific award, it is the responsibility of British Canoeing coaches/leaders and/or their deployer to evaluate their likely work and the type of situations that they can reasonably expect to encounter and to maintain current appropriate first aid training.  

For full details, please read the updated First Aid Policy below.