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Level 3 Case Study: Dan Daley

Meet Dan Daley, who shares his Level 3 journey and how his coaching has developed throughout the award. 

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the outdoor industry throughout my career...

This has allowed me to get out, paddle and coach full time. I was previously based at Lee Valley White Water Centre as the Paddlesport Manager, which is where I started my British Canoeing Level 3 journey. Since completing my British Canoeing Level 3 Award, I now work as a full time freelance coach.

I do most of my paddlesport coaching in the moderate white water environment with people looking to take techniques and apply them skillfully. Since completing my British Canoeing Level 3, my coaching has developed onto using structured annual development plans to help individuals long-term paddler journeys and ongoing development. I have also found myself spending more time in a range of disciplines within paddlesport. These are disciplines I have previously been involved with but through the award feel I have developed the skills to be able to aid individuals development. These disciplines include Freestyle, Slalom, Raft Racing and OC1.

Outside of a white water environment, the award has driven me to follow a path in coach education.

The Level 3 is a journey that allows you to develop your knowledge through the guidance of a mentor...

...While working with a number of coaches for peer and professional development. I believe the correct mentor is crucial to the learning, development and enjoyment of the aspirant British Canoeing Level 3. It is this mentor that can inspire and encourage the individual to succeed and develop. I found that the award not only broadened my knowledge base but also allowed me to meet other coaches within the British Canoeing system along with other sports and in turn generated more opportunities for my own development. I enjoyed the freedom of the British Canoeing Level 3 award that allowed you to work with your own learners, in the environments you feel best suits their long term development needs. 

I also enjoyed the award pushing you to undertake your own research into areas you need development to best assist your learners, be it through reading around subject areas or attending courses to further your knowledge. I feel an important realisation through the award is that you are not going to be the best person for every aspect the learner needs and promotes guiding them onto seeking additional support in required areas.

The award has pushed me to focus on the long term paddler development...

...Rather than utilising quick fixes. I find it important to build the foundations correctly and not rush to achieve the outcomes.

I have found that using plans and goal setting within a learner focused environment allows the individuals to know where they stand with their development and be confident where they are within their journey to achieving their agreed goals.

Throughout the award I have seen my coaching spread across the physical, psychological, technical or tactical needs of my learners. Since the award, I have continued to develop my knowledge in the tactical and psychological areas of coaching, which I feel, are often overlooked.