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The Watt Family

The Watt family are the latest group to complete our Three Lakes Challenge in less than 24 hours.

Julie and Steve Watt are from the Isle of Man and decided to set off on a family adventure with their sons Nick and Dave, who are both in their twenties.

In order for them all to get to complete the Three Lakes Challenge in under 24 hours but also have back up drivers it was decided to split into two pairs. Julie and Steve would make their way up the UK paddling Llyn Tegid, Lake Windermere then Loch Awe. Two days later Nick and Dave would complete their lakes on the way back down and in reverse order.

The family hoped to complete their challenges in a K2 boat but strapped a 2 person sea kayak to the roof of the car in case of rougher conditions. Luckily neither of the pairs had to use the sea kayak and it remained firmly on the roof. The Watts noted that, when attempting this challenge in under 24 hours it is important to drive carefully and alternate drivers at regular intervals.

Julie and Steve completed their three lakes in a total time of 22 hours and 11 minutes, with a paddling time of 9 hrs 38 minutes.

Although they were lucky to have had good weather for the time of year there were still a couple of tough points along the way. The couple admit that that paddling Windermere, in the dark, with thick fog will be remembered for many years!

After a couple of days in Scotland the family feat went on! It was the turn of Nick and Dave to jump in the K2 now and start by paddling Loch Awe before heading on to complete Windermere and Llyn Tegid.

The pair’s completion time of 19 hours 44 minutes in total with 8 hours 11 minutes on the water puts them currently at the top of the Three Lakes Leaderboard.

The family enjoyed their adventure, particularly the beauty of the early morning mist on Loch Awe, and their advice to other paddlers considering the challenge is ‘Just Go For It!’