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Supporting Paddlers

British Canoeing is a membership organisation which belongs to it’s members. Income generated through membership is reinvested back into projects and support for the paddlesport community in a variety of ways.

What does British Canoeing do to support paddlers?

Individual ‘On the Water’ membership allows paddlers the ability to access a waterway’s licence and third party liability insurance alongside benefiting from a range of fantastic paddler specific offers and opportunities. All of this comes at great value, costing less than £1 a week. If these elements were sourced externally the costs would be much higher for the same level cover and benefits. But not only that, membership fee’s contribute to much, much, more...

What does membership money contribute towards?

Income generated by membership fees is reinvested back into paddlesport, supporting the development of resources and projects that benefit our members and the paddling community. Membership money supports;

Clear Access, Clear Waters - A campaign for fair, shared and sustainable open access for all. Waterways are a fantastic resource that should be available for everyone to enjoy responsibly, without prejudice or exclusion. 

Protection of Waterways - Vital projects around conservation and river cleanups are being coordinated and supported nationwide. This important work keeps the waterways protected for us and future generations to enjoy. 

Information for paddlers: Last year our Go Paddling website was launched, containing a vast amount of information on where and how to go paddling. Including over 175 paddling trails, paddling challenges and an interactive PaddlePoints mapping resource that helps you find and share places to go paddling.

Courses and Resources: With over 80 coaching, leading and personal performance awards you are bound to find one that interests you. In addition to these courses a range of NEW digital resources have been developed including a Coach Self- Analysis tool and a Digital Library, which is packed full of e-Learning, videos, podcasts, academic research and much more! 

Competition and Events: Did you know over 1,500 competitions and recreational events take place annually within the world of paddlesport. Almost all of these are run by or with the support of passionate hardworking volunteers. We support volunteers and disciplines through the work of our development team and ensure all British Canoeing events have adequate insurance.

#ShePaddles - An initiative which aims to get more women and girls paddling and progressing within the sport, whether that's through their own personal skills, into coaching or leadership. The focus is on creating a welcoming and supportive environment at every level within the sport.

Governance: Having clear policies, guidance and procedures operating across all elements of our sport, supports participants safety and well being. Allowing paddlers and the volunteers to enjoy pursuing their paddling passions in the knowledge that good practice is in place. 

Community: Ensuring our members, volunteers, clubs, centres, disciplines, coaches and providers are supported is at the heart of what we do. Regular communications through our members enews, canoe focus, social media platforms and website allows paddlers to stay connected with the latest paddler news and exclusive member discounts

Want to know more...

The above just gives you a flavour of some of the great areas of work and projects membership money contributes towards. But there is a huge amount more going on and we’re continually listening to member feedback, ensuring the work the organisation focuses on is in line with these views.

If you’d like to find out more, we’d suggest you take a look at our Stronger Together strategic plan. It outlines the details and objectives that were set for British Canoeing to achieve over a four year period and was developed in consultation and from feedback of our members. 

Highlights from 2019

Still not convinced? Every year we produce an annual report and annual review showing achievements and tracking progress against our Strategic Plan. To take a look at the 2019 annual report click here and annual review click here