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General Insurance

British Canoeing partner with Towergate Insurance to provide an holistic insurance solution. It covers affiliated clubs, members, coaches and volunteers. Read on to learn more.

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What is Covered

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By being a member of British Canoeing, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and Canoe Wales either as members, officials, committee members, affiliated clubs, coaches, coach educators, volunteers or events you are entitled to insurance to protect you and provide peace of mind. 

Each of the sections below outlines what is covered. The Policy Schedule, Insurance Summary and Policy Wording can be found in the Useful Download section at the bottom of this page. 

Individual Members' Cover 

All individual members of British Canoeing, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and Canoe Wales are covered for Public and Products Liability Insurance. This provides cover when you have to pay compensation to any third party for accidental injury to them or their property during the period of insurance. The insurance will pay up to the limit of indemnity for claims against you arising from: 

  • Bodily injury or property damage
  • Trespass or nuisance
  • False arrest or malicious prosecution

We will also pay:

  • For defence costs incurred, with our agreement
  • Criminal defence costs
  • Costs of replacing locks, keys and electronic pass keys if you lose any key or pass card to a third party's premises

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Public / Products Liability

To a limit of £10 million 

each and every claim or loss, excluding defence costs and criminal proceedings costs.

Geographical Limits

Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada for Management Liability)


There is an policy excess of £250  to pay should you need to make a claim under the Public and Products Liability.

Claims Procedure

In the event of an incident likely to give rise to a claim, please check the Claims Procedure and notify Towergate as outlined as soon as possible. 

Affiliated Clubs' Cover

Clubs have a duty of care to ensure anything they do does not cause injury or financial loss to others or damage to their property. If anything did occur, the officers and officials in the club could find themselves legally liable to pay compensation.

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Public/Products Liability

To a limit of £10 million 

each and every claim or loss, excluding defence costs and criminal proceedings costs.

Geographical Limits

Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada for Management Liability)


There is an policy excess of £250  to pay should you need to make a claim under the Public and Products Liability.

Employers Liability

Compulsory cover for most companies with employees. It covers you for compensation you have to pay to your employees for accidental injury to them. We will pay up to the limit of indemnity for claims against you arising from death, bodily or mental injury of an employee or volunteers arising out of their work for you. 

Directors and Officers Liability

Covering directors, officers, employees and other insured persons for investigations and claims made against them as individuals during the period of insurance as a result of the performance of their duties for you. We will pay for; breach of duty, breach of trust, negligence; bodily injury or damage to property. 

Please Note

Members of affiliated clubs are insured for recognised sessions and activities of the club. However, these club members will not be insured if they are canoeing or kayaking at other times. 

If you think you will be canoeing outside of sessions organised by your club you will need to purchase your own membership from the Home Nation where you live.

Coaches' Cover

Coaches are provided with insurance cover as individual members (see above for cover details). They also benefit from Professional Indemnity insurance cover. 

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Coaches are provided with insurance for compensation in relation to claims against you for:

  • Negligence or breach of duty: If you fail in a duty of care to your clients
  • Your advertising
  •  Defamation: libel and slander

Indemnity Limit of £10 million for any one occurrence. 

To be entitled to this extension of cover, coaches will need to be current and updated. 

The policy has a turnover limit of £25,000; if you earn over this amount you will need additional cover.

Useful Downloads

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How to Claim

Incidents do occur, and if you are involved in an incident, please make sure you gather the following information:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Details of those involved, including any witnesses (name and contact details)
  • Location where the incident occurred
  • A brief description of the incident

In the event of an incident likely to give rise to a claim, please contact Richard Hancock either by phone or email

Telephone: 0207 3376 688 or 07725 574 693
Email: [email protected]

Expand Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have answered some of top questions we get asked at British Canoeing Membership. For full details you can download the policy summary here
Individual Member FAQs 
What is the age limit? 

There is no age limit linked to the Insurance policy. 

Does the policy cover non UK residents? 

Insurance cover is only available to members who have a permanent UK address. Such members are covered for their liabilities in terms of recognised activities in both the UK and overseas, provided that any overseas trip is recognised/authorised by British Canoeing. 

Please note CANI members residing in Ireland are insured, whether they are an individual full member of CANI or whether they are a CANI club member. 

Any member permanently living abroad is not covered.   This is not a Travel Insurance policy. 

If I am injured can I claim from the policy? 

No, if you are injured you may wish to seek legal advice on how to pursue a claim against the person responsible for causing the injury. 

Coaches FAQs
What do I do if I become aware of, or am involved in an incident? 

You should record all relevant information as soon as possible.  If there are verbal or written allegations made against you, you should notify Towergate of the incident. 

The policy schedule says all coaches must hold a qualification, does this mean as an experienced volunteer I am not covered for helping at club sessions anymore? 

Under the terms of the policy both "experience" and formal qualification is included. British Canoeing recognises the important work that goes on in clubs via experienced personnel.  We would recommend that clubs ensure they audit these volunteers against their experience. 

The types of activities being run by experienced individuals will typically include running basic and improvers skills sessions, competitive training events, time trials or club trips or journeys.

Does the policy cover overseas coaches? 

The policy does not extend to overseas members/coaches. 

Clubs FAQs 
What activities are clubs covered for? 

In addition to recognised British Canoeing activities, clubs are covered for all activities typically associated with the running of a club, including administration and social events. 

What protection do I get as a committee member? 

The club insurance provides Directors' and Officers' cover to protect you if you are sued for negligent decisions. 

Are club members insured via the club for arranging their own paddles through social media? 

No, they would need to be individual members to be insured.  If, however, this is a club activity and the club has deployed a suitably experienced leader, cover would be in place for the club and its members. 

Do we have cover if employees are injured?

Clubs receive Employers Liability insurance through their affiliation to British Canoeing. This insurance protects the employer in the event of an injury to an employee, for which the employer is liable. 

Are non-members covered by the policy for "taster" sessions?

Individuals who may be interested in joining a club are insured for a maximum of 6 initial "taster" sessions. 

For indemnity to apply it is essential that the club records their name, address and dates of attendance. These details must be retained as they may be called upon in the event of a claim. 

Is our club insured for the Ergo and Strength sessions we run? 

Yes, subject to any equipment being checked and maintained on a regular basis, and an induction course in how to use the items of equipment is provided to new members, then the club is covered.  

Clubs should complete a risk assessment for these sessions and review it regularly.