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Membership Relaunch

Membership of British Canoeing is changing in April 2018.  Find out all the details relating to the changes for English members. 

We'll be sharing more information in the lead up to the relaunch. You can also view the membership benefits and categories and read the frequently asked questions. 

We'll update this page as we release more information. 

The key changes

  1. The introduction of a free "Digital Sign Up" for fans, supporters and independent paddlers 
  2. The introduction of a Club Associate membership category for members of clubs who are not members of British Canoeing
  3. The introduction of a new category of membership for national volunteers and officials who do not paddle
  4. Improving the services for full individual members
  5. Making some amendments to the Family membership categories

Please note: these changes will only affect members in England.

The new membership categories and benefits

Membership Type Sign Up Club Associate On the Bank On the Water
Insurance for Club Sessions Yes Yes
Insurance for Officials and Volunteers Yes Yes
Insurance for all canoeing activities Yes
Insurance for Coaching Yes
Waterways Licence Yes
Monthly e-news Yes Yes Yes
Access to Competitions Yes
Access to coaching Courses Yes
Special offers and Discounts Yes (limited) Yes Yes
Optional pay extra Boat Insurance Yes Yes
E-membership card Yes Yes
Advice and Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voting Rights (over 18's) Yes Yes

Selecting the right category

We will select a category for members based on the current membership held.  At the point of renewal members will be able to select a different category.

Current Members

On the 2 April 2018, all active members will transfer over to the On the Water membership package.

As your membership is due to renew you'll be able to choose the right category for the activities you do. 

Members with an inactive membership

For those members who have not renewed their membership within the last few months will be moved to the free Sign Up category and continue to receive communications from British Canoeing.  These members can either stay within the free offer, renew their membership or unsubscribe. 

Membership Cost from April 2018

Learn more about the categories