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Membership & Coaching

British Canoeing provides a comprehensive coaching qualification scheme and coach education programme. This is designed to ensure that coaches and participants are fully and properly prepared to take part in the sport and that coaches are qualified to instruct participants in all aspects of technique, safety and understanding.

If you are involved in coaching, you are advised to have the necessary insurance to protect you when giving advice and instruction.

If you have a coaching qualification, membership of British Canoeing includes the additional insurance needed. The cover not only includes the main membership insurance but also includes the professional advice you provide whilst coaching, provided that the activity falls with the remit of your approved training or qualifications.

For more information on coaching courses and qualifications, please visit the Coaching and Leadership pages. For more information on the Coaches Insurance, please visit our Insurance page. 

Coaching Codes Update

We have updated the codes appearing on Membership cards for the different qualification to reflect the changes in branding.

Your licence will show all the qualifications you have attained. Download the coaching codes below.

Useful Downloads