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Club Membership

When clubs and centres affiliate to British Canoeing they pay a fee for each member of the club that is not a member of British Canoeing. Members of the affiliated club are then insured for recognised sessions and activities of the club. To Find out more about Club affiliation and the benefits please click here.

However, these members will not be insured if they were to canoe or kayak at other times. Read more about the Club Insurance.

Additionally, the club’s waterways licence only covers the boats for club based sessions or activities. If you were to use one of these boats outside of club sessions or activities they will not be licensed.

If you think you will be taking part in canoe or kayak activities outside of those organised by your club, you will need to purchase your own membership. This will provide you with your own Waterways Licence and Insurance, giving you peace of mind that you are protected and covered for all the paddling you do.

Click here to join.

Live outside England?

If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, please visit your Home Nation Membership Area.

Northern Ireland CANI

Scotland SCA