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Club Associate

A membership designed for individual members of a British Canoeing affiliated club who do not hold an On the Water membership.

If you join an affiliated club with the intention of participating in club activity without an On the Water membership then you’ll become what is known as a Club Associate. The Club Associate membership includes the following:

  • public liability insurance when taking part in club activity
  • professional indemnity insurance if leading club activity, and have been checked and approved as competent by the club committee as part of the club safety framework
  • entry-level competitions organised for, or on behalf of, British Canoeing Discipline Committees, or participation events organised by Regional Development Teams without the need to purchase a Day Ticket

If you wish your club can register your details with us so you can receive:

  • monthly updates with news, events, offers and club services
  • Digital Club Associate membership card
  • Access to your qualifications record
What’s not included within the Club Associate membership?

A Waterways License - The Club Associate membership does not provide a waterways license for either club activity or independent paddling. Your club may purchase licences for club owned boats, but these licences are not valid if you paddle outside club activity.

Outside of club activity

  • Peer/social paddling - If you participate in paddling outside of the club activity or go for a peer/social paddle with another club member then you are not covered by your Club Associate insurance. We strongly recommend you take out our ‘On the Water’ membership or other personal insurance to ensure you have an adequate safety net.
  • External coaching/leading - If you lead or coach outside of club activity and the club safety framework, you will not be covered by your Club Associate insurance. We strongly advise you take out our ‘On the Water’ membership along with completing the required coaching or leadership qualifications, and the coach update scheme, to act independently from the club. 

You can find all our affiliated clubs by clicking here!

*Any activity that has been assessed as part of the club’s safety framework and promoted on the club calendar, website or noticeboard. Club activities also include inter-club activities where the responsibility for risk assessment and management is carried out and then shared between all participating clubs.