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British Canoeing Membership

Join our community of about 87,000 people. The On the Water membership is your gateway to the waterways. You can also enjoy exclusive benefits. You'll be supporting the development of projects that benefit members and the paddling community. 

Due to the popularity of British Caneoing membership we have created a dedicated site just for membership and our members called the Members Hub.

From the Hub you can learn about our membership packages, the benefits of membership, live chat with us, and join us.

Existing members can log into a dedicated section to access their own dashboard. It has exclusive content, a 7-day tides timetable, 7-day weather forecast, and river levels to plan paddling, a downloadable member card, and more....

Click here to go to the Members Hub

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Members Hub

The Members Hub is the dedicated space for members to access personalised membership information and content.

Whether you are looking for discount codes, or tide times and river levels to help plan your paddling trips, the British Canoeing Members’ Hub should be the first port of call.

Members can also download a copy of their membership card to save to your phone. Members can view the insurance information and access exclusive content. 

Have a Membership Question? 

Members can now Live Chat with the Membership Team from within Members Hub to help you with any queries.

Accessing Members Hub

When visiting Members' Hub for the first time, members will need to Register.

When you have a British Canoeing Services Login, this provides access to the Members Hub. You will also be able to access other services such as Paddles Up Training and, if you are club official, the ClubHouse. We will also be adding other services in the near future.