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Inland Touring

Canoeing is an activity that appeals to paddlers of every age and level of fitness. While the adventurous attempt steep mountain streams and the excitement of speed and action, others prefer to travel on the slower flowing rivers and lakes to find enjoyment in the scenery and countryside. This is the world of Inland Touring.

With over 4,500km of licensed waterways available and many navigable lakes to take advantage of, Inland Touring provides access to outdoors and the relaxation, health and wellbeing benefits of simply messing about in boats.

An easy life on the water: There’s no need to overdo the challenge or push yourself to physical extremes, simply enjoy the cruise and the pleasure of the tour. Recreational canoeing can be started at an early age, enjoyed by all members of the family and continued on into retirement.

Most canoeists learn their skills by joining a club or attending a course run by a club, school or centre. These are listed in our Go Canoeing skills section of the website

Touring Awards: The British Canoeing Touring Awards are available for completing 100, 250 and 500 miles in any one year and for completing 1000, 2500, and 5000 miles over any period.

To download the Touring logbook please click here.