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Archived consultation & reports

An archive of key documents and reports. This will be curated over time.

Triennial Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England

On 12 December 2012, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson announced the start of the Triennial Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England. This follows a period of informal engagement with stakeholders, which started in July. Preliminary conclusions will be available in spring 2013.

Anyone with an interest in the Environment Agency and Natural England is invited to respond to the discussion document by 4 February 2013. The discussion and response documents and further information is available from:

This is part of Government’s rolling programme of triennial reviews of Non-Departmental Public Bodies to consider whether the functions carried out by the body are still required and whether the delivery model is right and offers value for money.

Canoe England would also be interested to receive views from members. This can be sent to

Marine Conservation Zones: Consultation on proposals for designation in 2013

The Environment Minister, Richard Benyon announced on 13 December 2012 the start of the public consultation on Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). The consultation document and annexes can be viewed at

The public consultation will run until midnight on 31 March 2013, and will give everyone with an interest in the marine environment the opportunity to provide more evidence on the proposed designation decisions before they are finalised.

Canoe England would also be interested to receive views from members. This can be sent to

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Access Newsletter No. 50, May 2012

The newsletter covers the latest position on coastal access, details of consultations on rights of way and National Trails, and the launch of the Paths for Communities scheme.

Red Tape Challenge - Water and Marine Theme February 2012

The Government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’ was launched in April last year to open up Government regulation to the scrutiny and challenge of the public, businesses and experts. On the Red Tape Challenge website, regulations are divided into themes, each featured on the front page for a ‘spotlight’ period of around five weeks.

The Water and Marine theme will be in the spotlight from 17 February till the 23 March and will include: flood and coastal erosion; water quality; water resource; inland waterways*, fisheries and marine conservation

You can leave your comments and ideas on the regulations on the website or send a private submission to the Red Tape Team at

The Red Tape Challenge website is being used to gather innovative ideas on how the aims of regulations can be fulfilled in the most successful and least burdensome ways. There is no intention to reduce environmental protection.

Marine Strategy Framework Directive Consultation: UK Initial Assessment and proposals for Good Environmental Status

Consultation Start: 27 March 2012, End: 18 June 2012

For the UK, the directive is part of a package of policies, united by our vision for ‘clean, healthy, safe, productive, and biologically diverse oceans and seas’. The directive’s aims are consistent with this vision and current policies, such as the implementation of the Marine and Coastal Access Act, and the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy will play a major role in helping us achieve Good Environmental Status (GES).

The directive is very wide-ranging and sets out eleven descriptors of GES relating to biological diversity, non-indigenous species introductions, commercially exploited fish and shellfish populations, food webs, human-induced eutrophication, sea floor integrity, hydrographical conditions, concentrations of contaminants, contaminants in fish and other seafood, litter, and noise.

Find more information on the MSFD including consultation Q&A and factsheets by using this link

Kayak Recycling Project October 2011

It's fair to say that we’re all pretty switched on when it comes to recycling our everyday household waste - glass bottles, tin cans and newspapers - but have you ever wondered what you’d do with your plastic kayak when it breaks or when it’s too old and worn to pass on?

During the week, Beth Ripper works as a Waste Management Consultant, helping organisations to find the best ways to manage their materials and reduce their waste. At the weekends, she’s a keen white-water kayaker and she wondered why the two roles couldn’t mix! Beth wanted to find out what we were doing to minimise waste associated with our sport and see how our manufacturers, retailers and local authorities have been supporting waste reduction and recycling initiatives.

Environment Agency Strategy for Water Related Recreation - Enjoying Water

The Environment Agency is encouraging people to have their say on the future of water sport and leisure development in London and the South East and the Midlands with the launch of public consultations for its Enjoying Water projects.

The Environment Agency has been developing its Enjoying Water plan that aims to place the environment at the heart of future opportunities to develop water recreation. The final plan will help decision makers such as local authorities take an informed view on how to create, protect and improve water sports and leisure development across London and the South East.

In developing the plan the Environment Agency has already spoken to more than 220 recreation users and managers of water based activities, and sites to gather their views, and is now encouraging anyone else with an interest in water sports and leisure pursuits to visit and comment on the findings and opinions already expressed. The consultation is open from 5 July until 30 September 2010.

Strategic Plans for the South West England, East of England and North West of England have also been produced by consultants from the University of Brighton and are available from

A New Era for the Waterways Consultation – DEFRA July 2011

Canoe England has welcomed this opportunity to comment not only on the New Era for the Waterways but also to suggest actions to assist the New Waterways Charity. Canoe England also supports the principles highlighted in the New Era for Waterways Consultation.

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