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Research & consultations

Here are details of various reports and consultations which have been commissioned regarding the environmental impact of paddlesports. We give you a brief overview together with the opportunity to download the full report.

Environment Agency Report on Low Impact of Paddling

The Environment Agency research concluded there is no empirical evidence linking canoeing with damage to fish spawning grounds or damage to fish stocks.

Useful Downloads

Water Framework Directive

The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) may have implications for canoeists. It applies to all water bodies - including rivers, lakes, coasts and estuaries and is monitoring the status of the ecology, morphology and quality of each water body

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Marine Conservation Zone 1

Those who have an interest in the future of the seas around our coastline are being urged to have their say about the future of the seas and marine life before it’s too late.

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Archived consultation & reports

An archive of key documents and reports. This will be curated over time.

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